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STEP Information

August 26, 2016

Dear Students, Parents, and Guardians:


Block day scheduling has begun. With the beginning of block day schedule, comes the beginning of the Student Teacher Enrichment Program (STEP). For those new to La Canada High School, STEP is a 35 minute, twice a week learning period targeted at providing students with enrichment, academic support, and/or a homeroom/study hall that will last until the end of the academic year.


The STEP registration period begins next week at LCHS and will continue until September 15, 2016. STEP offerings will be available for viewing electronically via this website or in any classroom that serves grades 9-12 at the high school during the week of September 6, 2016. During the block days on Wednesday and Thursday, September 7 and 8, and again on Wednesday and Thursday, September 14 and 15, students will be shown the STEP offerings for 2016-17 and sign up with one or more of their teachers for STEP.


Students sign up for STEP classes by signing their name and student ID number on the STEP sign up roster in the teacher’s classroom who will offer the STEP class. While it is intended that most students will sign up for STEP classes with one or two of their current teachers, this is not a requirement. For example, students wishing to enroll in Chess Club or Frisbee practice may do so, even if the student is not in the sponsoring teacher’s academic or elective class(es). STEP enrollment is for the duration of the academic year and changes will not be available, unless by teacher and administrative approval.


Most students do not sign up for homerooms. The only students signing up for a homeroom are those who wish specifically to attend the designated homeroom of a particular teacher in order to gain academic support during that period. Ideally, homerooms will be grade aligned and created by the school administration after students have been enrolled in STEP classes.


Please find below the script that teachers are asked to read aloud to students during the homeroom periods on Wednesday and Thursday, September 7 and 8. The script describes how students sign up for STEP, how many STEP classes the student can take, how homerooms will be established, and when students will receive new locator cards informing them of their STEP schedule. The script is as follows:


STEP Information:

STEP officially begins Wednesday, September 21st.  If you wish to be enrolled in a STEP class, you must sign up with the teacher offering the class by Thursday, September 15th. 


Students can choose the following options:


  1. Sign up for two STEP classes - one on Wednesday and one on Thursday
  2. Sign up for one STEP class - you will automatically be placed in a homeroom on the other block day
  3. Have two homerooms - You will automatically be placed in homerooms if you don't sign up for STEP classes


STEP offerings may be viewed on the LCHS website during the week of September 6 or on the hardcopy given to your teachers.  Students will be given new locator cards showing the room assignment and STEP offerings during period 1 on Wednesday, September 21st.


As students review these materials, they are encouraged to discuss STEP classes with their teachers or counselor.  If you have questions related to STEP that your student(s) are not able to answer, please contact me as stated below.



Jim Cartnal

Associate Principal