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ATTENTION STUDENTS: LCHS will not have in person instruction on January 5th.  Please check Google Classroom for assignment or Zoom link.

California Releases 2022-23 CAASPP Test Scores, Validating La Cañada Unified School District's Academic Excellence

The state of California unveiled the highly anticipated 2022-23 CAASPP test scores on Wednesday, October 18, 2023, shedding light on the academic achievements of districts across the state. Aligned with California's rigorous academic standards, the Smarter Balanced Summative Assessments for English language arts and mathematics, as well as the California science test (CAST), were conducted to evaluate grade-level learning and measure progress towards college and career preparedness. Students in grades three through eight and eleven participated in the English language arts and mathematics assessments, while those in grades five, eight, and once in high school (with LCUSD testing grade twelve) took the CAST.

LCUSD is once again pleased to report excellent performance on the CAASPP assessment, showcasing the effort of the district’s students, the preparation provided by dedicated staff, and the investment made by the La Cañada community in the district's educational program. This partnership sets the stage for achievement, success, and personal growth, and the CAASPP scores are simply another measure of that commitment. 

In reviewing LCUSD’s performance relative to other school districts within the state, the focus is limited to “unified” school districts that enroll students in grades K-12. Aside from a small 45-student district in remote Northern California that tested only 12 students, LCUSD ranked first among unified districts on the English language arts assessment, boasting an impressive 88.66% of students meeting or exceeding the state target. In mathematics, LCUSD students excelled with 85.12% meeting or surpassing the state-defined standards. LCUSD placed second in the state compared to other unified school districts, by only 0.84% behind San Marino Unified. The CAST results also reflected excellence, with 79.58% of fifth, eighth, and twelfth grade students meeting or exceeding standards.

LCUSD superintendent Wendy Sinnette said, “LCUSD students performed outstandingly on the 2022-2023 CAASPP.  They are to be commended for their hard work, effort, and perseverance in demonstrating such high levels of mastery or approaching mastery towards the rigorous California State Standards.  We are grateful to our teachers and support staff for ensuring academic excellence in LCUSD’s teaching and learning environments, while also promoting personal health, wellness, and a strong community sense of inclusion and belongingness at each of our schools. And, of course, this high level of success would not be possible without our wonderfully involved parents and caregivers. The families in the LCUSD community continue to go the extra mile through volunteerism, participation, and the generous giving of time and talent to ensure that our students are thriving and that our schools rank amongst the top in the state and nation.”

At La Cañada Elementary School, 85.86% of students met or surpassed state standards in English language arts, and an equally impressive 85.94% achieved the same in mathematics. Of the LCE 5th graders who took the CAST science test, 76.75% of students met or exceeded standards. At Palm Crest Elementary School, 91.62% of students met or exceeded standards in English language arts. Overall, math scores for Palm Crest Elementary School demonstrated that 90.75% of students met or exceeded state standards. PCR reported 88.23% of students met or exceeded science standards. Paradise Canyon students also showcased exceptional proficiency with 86.75% of PCY students meeting or exceeding standards in ELA, 80.24% meeting or exceeding standards in mathematics, and 89.88% meeting or exceeding standards in science.

At La Cañada High School, seventh and eighth-grade students exhibited outstanding performance. In English language arts and mathematics, 91.47% and 88.14% of seventh-grade students, and 84.57% and 83.89% of eighth-grade students met or exceeded state standards. Eighth grade students took the CAST science test, and 79.53% met or exceeded standards. Additionally, eleventh grade students achieved top scores in English when compared to similar high-achieving schools, with an impressive 91.90% of students meeting or exceeding standards. In math, overall scores for juniors displayed remarkable achievement, with 82.61% meeting or exceeding state standards. LCHS seniors took the CAST science test, with 74.92% meeting or exceeding standards. 

Superintendent Sinnette emphasized the importance of test results as a measure of the district’s progress, while highlighting the district’s performance on the California Dashboard, which provides a comprehensive view of student success by considering a broader range of performance indicators. Sinnette added, “As a district, LCUSD looks at multiple measures to assess the performance of our students. Our CAASPP scores are a significant measure, but when embedded in the California Dashboard with a variety of performance indicators, the data becomes even more meaningful. We strive to maintain and improve attendance rates; positive behavior metrics; high levels of performance from all learners, including our Special Education students and English Language Learners; exemplary graduation rates; and world class college and career programs and services to optimize student opportunities after high school. Partnering with teachers, staff, and families, our commitment to delivering a top-tier education along with resources designed to support lifelong wellness remains our highest priority. I am grateful that these CAASPP scores and the California Dashboard results indicate progress in delivering on that commitment. Great job, LCUSD!”


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