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School's out for summer.

LCHS College Workshop Night

Spartan Community,

An amazing LCHS College Workshop Night has been planned and will take place on January 29th. This is an event that you or your families won't want to miss. The event will begin at 5:30pm and conclude at 8:30pm and has been broken into 3 sessions to provide you with a plethora of opportunities to gather information and ask questions. (The LCHS Counseling Departments suggests a divide and conquer method.)

Below is the summary of topics. Following the summary of topics are four additional files that should help you navigate this event. 

Summary of Topics

PSAT Score Report: This session will help students and parents make sense of their actual PSAT score report and jump-start the college admission process. We’ll cover how the PSAT relates to the SAT and ACT and walk through the timeline and next steps in the college admission process. If you took the PSAT in October, please bring a copy of your results with you to this workshop. We will not provide scores on this night. Scores are available at Presenter: Will Floyd, Princeton Review

College Admissions Testing: Colleges will accept either the SAT or ACT so which should students take? Should they take both? In this session, we’ll explain the similarities and differences between the ACT and the SAT. Presenter: Will Floyd, Princeton Review

Preparing for College Athletics: Preparing to play a sport in college requires more than physical preparation. Learn about the academic requirements to play at the Division 1 and Division 2 level, when to register with the NCAA Eligibility Center and how to work with your high school staff to be ready. Presenter: DR Moreland, LCHS Athletic Director

Understanding the Financial Aid Process: A timeline on how to prepare for the financial aid process, understanding your base income year and the latest changes to affect financial aid, and thinking your income is too high to get financial aid is the second biggest mistake a parent can make. Presenter: Trevor Mizrahi, Premier College Guide

Applying to the UC System: Discover the unique nature of applying to the UC System of colleges. Hear about the freshman admission requirements and comprehensive review process. Presenter: Barry Chaiveera, University of California Los Angeles

Applying to the CSU System: This session outlines the freshman admission requirements and application process when applying to the CSU System. Come learn about what to expect from a CSU education. Presenter: Gigi McGuire, California State University Northridge

Explore Glendale Community College: Community colleges are a launch pad for success! Come learn about the opportunities available at GCC from their Honors Program, transfer options, study abroad and free tuition for high school students. Presenter: Meg Chil-Gevorkyan, Glendale Community College

Explore Pasadena City College: Community colleges are a launch pad for success! Come learn about the opportunities at PCC from their Honors Program, Pathways, transfer options and free tuition for high school students. Presenter: Alan De La Vara, Pasadena City College

College Selection and Best Fit: Deciding which colleges to apply to can be overwhelming. What do I want to study? How far away from home do I want to go? Am I interested in a large campus or a small one? This presentation will walk you through the steps to break it down. Presenter: Rob Schwartz, Premier College Guide

Freshman and Sophomore Road Map to College: This interactive workshop for freshmen and sophomores will highlight the different factors involved in the college admissions process. We will discuss early preparation for career/college major search and provide a timeline for academic and personal development planning. Presenters: Ashley Park & Andrea Rasmussen, LCHS Counselors

Post Secondary Planning for Juniors: LCHS counselors will cover various topics related to the college application process for Junior, such as: researching colleges, academic planning, personal development, testing and application timelines. Presenters: Susan Maljian & Melissa Kukta, LCHS Counselors

Applying to Out of State and International Colleges: Learn important tips and inside information on what you need to do when applying out of state and abroad. Presenters: Sarah Blank, University College Dublin and Sung Ahn, Arizona State University

Applying to Highly Selective Colleges: Learn important tips and inside information on what you need to do when applying to private and highly selective colleges. Presenter: Peter Osgood, Harvey Mudd College

Applying to the Claremont System of Colleges: Did you know that The Claremont Colleges consist of 5 undergraduate colleges and 2 graduate institutions? These include: Pomona College, Claremont Graduate University, Scripps, Claremont McKenna, Harvey Mudd College, Pitzer College and Keck Graduate Institute. In this session, you will learn what is unique about these colleges and the programs they have to offer. Presenter: Peter Osgood, Harvey Mudd College

A Less Stressful, More Meaningful Journey Toward College: Tried and True Strategies: This presentation will introduce strategies for reducing some of the anxiety and household conflicts that commonly arise around college planning. It will also help students and parents stay focused on several important but often overlooked factors of college selection and preparation. Presenter: Rachel Zooi, LCHS Counselor

Growth Mindset: For many students, a poor grade is interpreted as they are “just not good at that.” The research of Dr. Carol Dweck, author of Mindset, has shown that having a “growth mindset” – viewing one’s abilities as adaptable – is not just a catalyst for life-long success, but is a skill that can be learned. In this session, we will discuss how your child can view “failure” as fuel for future success. Presenter: Jean Stroud, Revolution Prep

Western Undergraduate Exchange (WUE): Want to go Out-of-State but don't want to pay out of state tuition? Let's talk WUE: (Western Undergraduate Exchange) - a regional program through which students can attend participating institutions outside the state of California for a reduced tuition price. We'll discuss the scholarship program in detail and the varying differences among WUE schools. Presenter: Kat Everard, Boise State University

The College Essay: Join out-of-state public and private admission representatives as they share their advice, tips, and perspective as admission counselors on how to write a college essay. Eric Feldman is the Regional Admissions Counselor for Southern California at the University of Oregon, a large public research university, and Nick Albanese is the Regional Assistant Director of Admissions for Salve Regina University, a small Catholic university in Rhode Island. Presenters: Eric Feldman, University of Oregon and Nick Albanese, Salve Regina University

Making the Most of College Visits: This session will focus on the steps you can control in having successful, fun, and engaging college visits. It will help you think about the purpose of the visit and how to make the most of your time when you’re there. It will offer suggestions for planning trips locally, tips on how to make the most of a short amount of time or a small or non-existent travel budget, and ideas to help you make the best use of your time on campus, both during the visit and long after (e.g., when submitting your applications). Presenter: Maureen Gelberg, Collegewise

Transitioning to College for Students with Disabilities: What you need to know about applying to disability services, typical accommodations and your rights as a student with a disability. Presenter: Rosemarie Cervantes, Pasadena City College (Disabled Students Programs and Services)