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ATTENTION STUDENTS: LCHS will not have in person instruction on January 5th.  Please check Google Classroom for assignment or Zoom link.

Emergency Information

LCHS is committed to the safety and security of our campus each day.
  1. In the event of an emergency the school, working in concert with LCUSD and local agencies, will communicate with parents about details including potential rendezvous or pickup locations via our School Messenger system as well as via email. 
  2. If the school has an emergency please do not try to enter the campus. Students will be released when the campus is deemed safe and parents will be notified in a timely fashion. 
    • In most cases, parents will use the turnout adjacent to the football field as a reunion point. Students will be released to parents with proper identification.
    • Students will only be released to parents who are on the Emergency Card via the Parent Portal.   
  3. LCHS maintains a school safety plan in the office of the Assistant Principal that may be reviewed by the public by appointment. The safety plan outlines evacuation routes, protocols for disaster preparedness and other school policies related to the safety of LCHS students. Some key components of the plan are as follows:
    • During an earthquake, students are to Drop, Cover and Hold in place. Students will then be escorted to safety once the all clear signal has been given
    • During a lock-down, students are to Run, Hide or Fight based on the situation. Students are to seek immediate shelter or a safe space and await adult assistance. In the case of a lock-down, school personnel will notify the appropriate authorities as well as district office staff who will then communicate with parents. 
    • If an emergency occurs in off school hours that may effect  the opening of school, parents are encouraged to check local radio and television and await notification from the school.
  4. School staff have been in-serviced on school protocols in the event of an emergency at a staff meeting once a year. Additional training are also scheduled when needs arise.