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Academic Planning

Selecting classes is a highly personalized and important choice. Each student must evaluate the unique set of demands upon time and energy necessary to achieve success in academic and extracurricular commitments. Please choose classes that allow you to achieve your short and long term goals, as you define them in concert with your parent(s) or guardian(s), teachers and your counselor. If you seek admission to the most selective universities or colleges, the Counseling Department suggests that you consider taking honors and Advanced Placement classes in the subjects in which you believe you can achieve success. This recommendation is not intended to encourage you to take all honors or AP classes, but rather to carefully select classes that best serve your goals.  

Students should carefully review the course descriptions and prerequisites to determine whether they have met the recommended preparation for courses. Parents and guardians play a key role in the course selection process by providing support and guidance, ensuring their child selects courses in which s/he can be successful. Student course selections should be made with care, as student course selection will determine both teacher assignments and the master schedule of classes and requests for change may not be honored due to space limitations. Entrance into Honors-level and/or Advanced Placement courses is based upon performance in prior courses, teacher recommendations, and counselor advisement.  Courses at La Canada High School are one year in length unless otherwise stated.

All students must select 6 courses except seniors who may select to have a minimum five-period day, provided they are on track for graduation.  Seniors applying to selective universities are strongly encouraged to take six courses.  Students may be required to receive teacher approval, make an application, or participate in audition, reviews, or tryouts in order to qualify for certain classes.


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