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ATTENTION STUDENTS: LCHS will not have in person instruction on January 5th.  Please check Google Classroom for assignment or Zoom link.

Social Science Department

Department Chair: Sean Mispagel
The Social Science Department offers a program that helps the student develop the basic skills of a social scientist and an understanding of important social science concepts. The Social Science Department’s curriculum meets California's Model Curriculum Standards and implements the History-Social Science Framework. Students must complete three years of Social Science coursework, earning a minimum of 30 units by completing World History or its equivalent, US History or its equivalent, one semester of US Government or its equivalent, and one semester of Economics or its equivalent in grades 10-12. The Social Science Department has created a 9th grade Honors Social Science elective course that explores themes in world regional geography and serves as a preparatory course for advanced coursework. The Social Science Department encourages any interested student who has a love of history, a willingness to work hard, and a strong GPA to consider Advanced Placement classes in grades 10-12. AP classes are the equivalent of college level introductory courses, typically taken during the first or second year of one’s university study. The level of academic rigor in these courses is demanding and will emphasize critical reading, writing, and expression. Homework for AP classes is intensive. Parents and students should consider the AP option with a candid assessment of the rigors of the course along with the demands of other academically challenging subjects, athletics, and other extracurricular activities in which the student will participate. Students may enroll in Social Science classes during summer or through pre-approved online schools for both advancement and remediation.