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Clubs » Club Requirements and Contract

Club Requirements and Contract


A. Club Name and Mission Statement:
Create a name for your club
Develop a Mission Statement
State the goal(s) of the club and the means by which they will be accomplished
Include important information about your club, such as any organization it is affiliated with, activities the club will do, etc.

B. Meeting day, time, and place:
Must meet at least once a month
Club Advisor must be present at each meeting
Club Secretary must keep minutes and attendance at each meeting

C. Activities:
Activities can be of any nature in accordance to all components of the LCHS Code of Conduct whether held during school hours or any other time.
If food of any kind is to be sold, it must be before or after school hours.
At least one activity/event must be held each quarter (2 every semester) in order to qualify to renew as a club in the following semester.
Examples: Fundraiser, sports event, field trip, guest speaker, etc.

D. Membership
Clubs must have at least 5 members
Members must represent at least 2 grade levels

E. Dues and account:
Dues cannot be mandatory for any clubs
If you are intending to fundraise or receive donations through the school, you must open an account through Mrs. Connelly 

F. Mandatory Events
It is mandatory to send at least one representative to help at the Servathon.
Servathon is a mandatory event for second semester
Failure to do so will result in club suspension for one semester
Greater number of representatives attending such events may lead to greater consideration for End of the Year Club Awards

G. End of the Year Awards
Clubs that demonstrate exceptional character, student outreach, or positive impact on the community may be eligible for End of the Year Club Awards. 


Officers are to be elected by a majority vote or appointment from club members
A. Officers/duties:

1. President
Must plan and run meetings (must be held at least once a month)
Must attend all Club Council meetings
If you cannot attend, you must find a substitute to fill your place
Responsible for communication with ASB Club Representative if needed

2. Vice President
Must assist President in club meetings and events
Must attend Club Council Meetings if President is unable to do so

3. Treasurer
Must maintain Club Finances and Account
Must fill out appropriate forms and paperwork through Mrs. Connelly

4. Secretary
Must record attendance and minutes at every meeting


A. Duties and Requirements

1. Duties
Attend Meetings as notified by Club Officers
Assist in conducting meetings if needed
Complete Advisor’s Portion of the Application and give to Club President
Must be staff or faculty member

ARTICLE FOUR: Club Council Meetings

A. Purpose
To create a sense of inclusivity and common purpose amongst all clubs
To update clubs on upcoming events or important deadlines
To allow communication and discussion between ASB and the Student Body

B. Meetings
Meetings will be held once a quarter.
Admin will supply lunch.

C. Attendance
The Club President or another representative must attend each meeting
If a member cannot attend, you must communicate to the ASB Representative
Attendance will be taken at meeting
Missing more than two meetings will result in club suspension for one semester
Members can represent more than one club at each meeting