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ATTENTION STUDENTS: LCHS will not have in person instruction on January 5th.  Please check Google Classroom for assignment or Zoom link.
Electives and CTE » Advanced Placement Computer Science Java HP - MA5020

Advanced Placement Computer Science Java HP - MA5020

MA5020 Advanced Placement Computer Science Java HP
UC/CSU Approved
10 units (2 semesters)
Prerequisite: Concurrent enrollment in LC Math 3 or higher, grades of B or higher in LC Math 2 or its equivalent, grade of B or higher in Honors Computer Science C++, strong written communication skills, previous programming experience, and teacher approval.
Daily Homework: 30+ minutes
This course assumes prior knowledge of computers. The course content is the preparation for the AP 51 computer Science A exam and programming in the Java language. The focus is on problem solving and on Object Oriented Programming. Problem solving will be based on ideas from previous math courses including concepts from Algebra 2/Trigonometry. Included in the study of the Java language are the Java programming environment, Java syntax, input, output, data structures, constants, variables, branching, indefinite loops, definite loops, methods, debugging, recursion, user defined types, arrays, searching, sorting, programming style, graphics, classes and objects, and the AP case study.